About Edit

I have been looking into the idea of creating an open access journal on the topic of critical infrastructure studies. A place for academic publishing of work relating to Stacktivism and Infrastructure Fiction. I have been talking with @thejaymo, @paulgrahamraven, @leashless and @cbrewseter on setting this up.

Workshop Edit

We plan to release a call for papers to participate in a workshop on the subject early in 2014. One of the outcomes of the workshop will be the start / first 'issue' of the journal.

Journal Edit

We have settled on the name 'Infrastructure and Society' and we are currently developing the 'mission statement' and associated calls. This project will be hosted by @cbrewster with servers form Aston Business School and will be supported by my Professor (Professor Loraine Gamman) from Central Saint Martins Design Against Crime Research Centre.

Lighthouse Edit

Hopefully we can involve the work from Lighthouse, the Immaterials, the Improving Reality conference in a paper within the journal?