Your first day Edit

We'll give you some inductions to giver yo ua sense of how Lighthouse works, in particular, Operations and Storytelling. Andrew will also go through a few basics including:

  • The Lighthouse team, our current programme and networks
  • Projects we'd like to get your input on
  • The wiki, calendar and blog
  • The studio, and prototyping
  • What are you working on, and what would you like to get out of your time here - how can we help

Accounts and services Edit

We'll need to set you up with various accounts:

People and Teams Edit

You can find some of us on the wiki here: http://intranet.local/wiki/Category:People

We also have more detailed information about Operations (the building, facilities, and producing work here) and Storytelling (blogging, promotion, and talking about what you do to the public).

We try to arrange some opportunities for you to get to know us, for example, joining us for a shared lunch in your first week, and hosting an informal show-and-tell about a month into your time in the studio. This is an opportunity for us all to get to know each other, and also to figure out who in our network might be able to help you.

(Also in the works: a photo wall: who's who, what we do, and what you can ask us about)

Around Lighthouse Edit

There are plenty of Local Amenities

Prototyping Edit

This is the prototyping phase for our new studio. As such, everything we do over this period is an experiment, which means:

  • We can’t predict exactly what will happen
  • We will set out questions we want to answer, and seek to answer them through the duration of the residency
  • We should be aware of the results of the experiment as they come in, and adjust our approach in response
  • We should actively record, document and reflect on our experiences

As participants in this prototype programme, we ask all residents to embrace this. This may mean:

  • Being flexible in resources you are able to give – and expect from – Lighthouse
  • Actively engaging in the questions we seek to answer, and taking part in experiments to explore them
  • Making space to consider, document and share your experience of the studio as it happens
  • Participating in documentation activities, such as interviews, blogging, podcasting, photographing, etc.

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