In the Office Edit

You will be given a key fob to let yourself into the building, and given a tour of the building from Emma or Phil - this will include security procedures, door entry codes, health and safety procedures (fire exits, first aid).
The Lighthouse office is open from 9am-6pm Monday - Friday, if you would like to come in to the office/Studio outside of those hours then you will need to speak to Andrew/Emma so that they can check whether another member of staff will be present at the same time. Whilst you are at the Studio the office will always be manned by Jenny or Emma.

We have several rooms throughout the building. There's a reception space on the top floor, where you can eat your lunch, and this is sometimes used as an exhibition space also. We have a conference room on the top floor too which is used for meetings both internal and external, we also have our bar in there occasionally for events. Downstairs is the Digital Lounge where we hold many events such as our Monthly Talks, big external hires, training days and screenings. The Studio Show and Tell also takes place here. Downstairs there is also more toilets, our studio meeting rooms, and the tech store.
Next to the Lighthouse office is the kitchen, please feel free to use the fridges, microwave, kettles. Lighthouse's cupboard is to the left of the sink, help yourself to any teas or coffee. If you need milk then choose the carton with 'LH' written on the top.

Office Support Edit

Our WiFi password for meeting rooms is 'submarine' on all networks.
For any printing requirements talk to Jenny

Other Offices Edit

There are six other organisations that rent offices in the building. These are: Culture 24, South East Dance, Mind Orchard, Liquid Light, Artswork and Creative England.

Organising an Event Edit

We can support any events created in the Studio. Emma and Jenny can help with the operations side of things, Phil our facilities and technical coordinator can help with any technical requirements and Natalie Kane will create promotion around the event.

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