We would like to support residents in producing work or events that form part of our programme. We host and produce a lot of events, so it is important that you follow the process and talk to the right people about the right things. Here's what you need to do:

1. Speak to Andrew about your idea

2. Andrew evaluates event is appropriate to Lighthouse programme and runs content and proposed budget for event past Artistic Director and or Managing Director.

3. Once event is approved Andrew runs event past Emma in terms of room availability and team capacity.

4. Emma books date into wallplanner and arranges an Operations meeting with Andrew and Studio resident about the event to plan things like what staff will be needed, will there be a bar, what type of biscuit is required.

5. Andrew and Studio resident have meeting with Natalie about the comms strategy for the event.

6. Operations meeting takes place. Emma draws up an Event Sheet, books in staff etc with support from Jenny. (example of event sheet to go here)

7. Emma sends Event Sheet to Andrew for approval and then sends out to the Operations team with Andrew and Studio resident Cc'd in.

8. Event happens - hooray :-)

Writing an event proposal Edit

What is the event format, what will be happening when

- timings, breaks
- activities planned
- what access do you need beforehand, what will you be doing, who will be here

Who is coming

- facilitators, invited guests (individual names/roles) and drop-ins (expected numbers, ages)

What facilities/equipment you would like to bring, or are expecting us to provide

- tools, especially dangerous ones
- how many tables and chairs do you need
- what networking or power requirements

Catering and booze:

- Lunches
- Tea and coffee
- Bar